The Quill is the official publication of Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines and the International School of Asia and the Pacific. November 2011 - March 2012 Vol. II No. 2 Issue.

Japanese connection

Nakabayashi-sensei shares his thoughts on higher education in Cagayan and the Philippines 

I am Kiyoshi Nakabayashi from Nagano, Japan. I am presently connected with Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines and International School of Asia and The Pacific in Alimannao Hills, Penablanca, Cagayan. Since June 2010, I enjoy teaching Nihongo – the language of Japan – among hundreds of Filipino students.

              I have been teaching Nihongo not only in the Philippines but also in America and other Asian countries. With this experience, I honestly can say that Filipino students are so smart than any other country’s students. They display interest and quick understanding in studying languages especially Nihongo.

              Being here in the Philippines since 2001 gives me the opportunity to say that the education the schools offer here in Cagayan actively promotes equality of opportunities students have as to students who study in Manila or abroad. Education in Cagayan or in the Philippines as a whole ensures a quality education leading to an excellent or accelerated student education giving no reasons for student to be away from home just to study in a distant place like Manila.

              As I observed, higher education in Cagayan, with its programs, improved infrastructures and educators teaching practices to facilitate learning, promotes high standard of achievement for the mastery of competencies to produce holistically developed and globally competitive learners to meet the international norm.

              I am impressed with the Philippine education program “Education for all 2015”, that no child at the age of five should be left behind uneducated.

              I am glad I am part of this dream.

              I am proud to say that Philippines is my second home. I will continue to work for young Filipinos to have good future. I love Filipinos, I love Philippines and I will spend the rest of my life here. Mabuhay!  

Dedication Day for all Eagles

With the theme “RPG’s Unified Diversity: A legacy”, students and employees of the MCNP-ISAP celebrated this year’s dedication day at the school gymnasium, June 29.

The event was started with a Eucharistic mass by Rev. Fr. Lloyd de Leon, San Jacinto Church Rector followed by the induction of officers of the different offices such as the Council of Parent Leaders (COPL), Employees Association (EA), Council of Leaders (COL), and officers of different clubs, organizations and classes.

Highlighting the event was the special dance number performed by the Employees Association with the MCNP-ISAP grantees that delighted a frenzied crowd.

The event was successfully ended with an inspirational talk by the birthday celebrant, Dr. Guzman.

Lead with Passion

The Office of the Student Services (OSS) of MCNP-ISAP headed by Dean Karen Castillo marked the fifth year of developing student leaders as they conducted the leadership camp with the theme “Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” held at Cabbo, Penablanca, Cagayan, July 27-29.

The three-day activity was a distinct seal of building up leaders from different classes, clubs and organizations to realize their roles as ambassadors of goal-oriented endeavors and catalysts for a better change. The lectures, workshops and the extra challenges really equipped the participants with the values of camaraderie, cooperation and perseverance.

“Lead with passion and dedication. Walk the talk!,” Atty. Christina Guzman-Natividad stressed out during the her lecture. It was an immense challenge to all the participants who were there to acquire skills and knowledge regarding leadership.

High caliber guest speakers were also invited to grace the said camp with their grans of wisdom from different topics about leadership. Arnel Narag, Rev. Fr. Edgardo Agcaoilli, Atty. Guzman-Natividad, ISAP Director Roderick Ulep and Jeremy Godofredo Morales discussed a leader as a planner, responds to the call for personal and ethical leadership, equipping leaders in social responsibility and as an effective communicator respectively.

Moreover, Fr. Agcaoilli dared the participants to scale the possibilities but challenged them with a simple question, “How can you lead others if you cannot even lead yourself?”


MCNP College of Nursing Top again on the June-July Nursing Licensure Examination. We got a 100% Batch Passing Rate and a 95% School Passing Rate. Iringan, Jemi-Keiza got the Top 7; Foronda, Diana and Brazil, Rogel got the Top 9. Congatulations Board Passers... We are proud of you!!!


National Top1 - Radiologic Technology Licensure Examination June 2013

Batch Passing Rate 94.33%


        MARIA ANGELICA CAPANAY, RN is the newest addition to MCNP's list of countless board topnotchers as she was declared as the National Top 10 in the December  2012 Nurse Licensure Examination.

        MS. CAPANAY is also a graduate of Baggao National High School.